Kent Cartridge Gamebore Pure Gold Diamond Shot Ammunition 28 Gauge 2-1/2″ 9/16 oz 500 rounds


28 Gauge
500 Rounds
(10 Boxes of 25)
Shell Length
Shot or Slug Type
Lead Shot
Shot Size
Barrel Type
Smooth Bore
Shot Weight
9/16 Ounce
6-Point Star

Product Overview

Beginning in 1996 as a small group of sportsmen discussing the future of shotgunning, Kent Cartridge is now an international cartridge company. In 1997, Kent purchased the Activ Cartridge factory in Kearneysville, West Virginia. This gave Kent a home base in the heart of wild and wonderful West Virginia. In 1998 Kent expanded to Europe with the acquisition of the Gamebore Cartridge Company in Hull, England. The Kent-Gamebore Corporation was then formed and now carries on business throughout North America and around the world. The goal was simple, develop a non-toxic shotshell that would equal, and possibly exceed, the performance of high quality lead waterfowl loads. Constantly evolving and leading with proven performance and innovation, Kent products continue to set the benchmark.


Consistent patterning, balanced shot string, less recoil, superior penetration and retained energy. It all adds up to how your day ends. The discerning shooter knows that not just any off-the-shelf cartridge is acceptable for their cherished fine-grade shotgun.  The purist and traditional shooter can experience authentic paper hulls and fiber wads while enjoying the modern day performance of a Kent Gamebore shotshell. Pure Gold F2 is available in a true 2 1/2″ case specially designed for old English guns. The performance of Pure Gold is second to none. This is a premium game shell that won’t disappoint. Pure Gold is available with fibre wads and Diamond Shot. Diamond Shot is a process that results in highly polished lead. Tested against standard lead shot it has resulted in better penetration and patterning.


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